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Coffee in Atlanta

26 May 2019

I love coffee, man. When I worked in San Francisco, I spent time each week working from one of the many excellent coffee shops in the Bay Area, enjoying great coffee and coworking options. I live and work in Atlanta now– a very different place, but one with its own assortment of coffee and coworking spaces that I can recommend. This is not a comprehensive list– these are just the places I, myself, have visited and enjoyed.

Revelator Coffee Bar | website

Revelator’s a Southeast coffee bar chain with locations in several of the Southern states, but I first encountered these guys in a Whole Foods in Chamblee, GA. The cold brew coffee there is still the best I’ve had in the entire Atlanta area. That Whole Foods location is gone now, but a location is opening up in Peachtree Corners, and I’m looking forward to trying that cold brew again.

Moonbird Coffee | website

Moonbird is located in the same building as Southbound, a restaurant and bar across from a railroad track in Chamblee. To get to Moonbird, you’ll need to go into Southbound and then go upstairs. Moonbird closes at 2pm most afternoons, too.

This is a charming place, with coffee served from a bar area that, I am told, was transported out of an old train dining car. There is nothing remarkable about either the coffee or the food available here– save for the smoky flavor inherent in everything they serve; it lends a unique personality to their coffee, something that I don’t often want first thing in the morning– but when I do, I know where to go. Despite the charming interior, it’s not an ideal location for coworking– there are few power outlets available, and it closes early in the afternoon.

Proof Bakeshop | website

This Inman Park bakery is primarily focused on selling bread and baked goods, but also serves amazing coffee and tea. It’s my favorite place for coworking in the Atlanta area. Good food, good music, great location, excellent coffee. They sell croissants that are bigger than a standard American football– not something I’ve ever wanted in a croissant, really, but maybe you do. And although they don’t serve cold brew coffee here, the iced coffee they serve is better than any other coffee I’ve had anywhere in town.

Peach Coffee Roasters | website

This was the first decent coffee shop I found outside the perimeter, and it’s still one of my favorites. They do have good wi-fi here and comfortable bar seating, but there’s no public restroom, so it’s not a place you’ll want to go for long coworking sessions. That said, they do roast their own coffee beans here, and all of the drinks that they make are excellent. Pour-overs are served in a personal carafe– a nice touch!

Dancing Goats (Buckhead) | website

This is a popular Atlanta-area chain, with most locations inside the perimeter. The Buckhead location is across from HiFi Buys, in a small shopping center that can’t accommodate all the folks that want to park there. You can park on the street, but that parking isn’t free.

Coffee here is from Batdorf and Bronson, whose products can be found in grocery stores throughout Atlanta. There’s a small assortment of baked goods available for purchase– mini donuts flavored with cardamom, bagels, etc. The cold brew there isn’t bad– better than Starbucks, not as good as most of the other options on this list.

It’s actually a pretty good place for coworking. The cafe area is large and spacious, with many comfortable seats available. Seats near power outlets are in the corners, with some being next to a huge window– if you’re working there in the spring / summer, you and your coffee may end up equally roasted. But given the parking situation here, this isn’t a place you’re going to be staying for more than a couple hours.

Orange Coffee Bar | facebook

I wanted to mention Orange Coffee Bar here, even though it isn’t a place you’d ever want to go for coworking (there’s no public restroom). They don’t serve cold brew coffee, but they do serve delicious (albeit expensive) cappuccino. More notably, the vibe of this Duluth-area coffee bar is unique among all the entries on this list, fitting in with several surrounding Korean restaurants and dessert shops.